Business Incentive Program Application

Business Incentive Program Application

Loan Application

Community Futures Beaver River

We assist small town and rural businesses in the Northwest of Saskatchewan start, expand and grow

The Beaver River Community Futures Corporation was established in 1988, and the Beaver River Business Development Corporation in 1989. In 1994, these two corporations merged into what is now the Beaver River Community Futures Development Corporation (BRCFDC). Today, we serve 46 communities in northwest Saskatchewan, in an area covering 120,000 square kilometres.

Our core funding, investment capital and special funds are provided by the Federal Government through Western Economic Diversification Canada. This support is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to Community Futures Development Corporations in Saskatchewan.


Eligible Communities – Jans Bay, Cole Bay, Ile a La Crosse, and Beauval

Eligible Activities – All types of businesses that BRCFDC would consider eligible.

Loan Amount – As per BRCFDC current lending policies 

Loan Fund-BRCFDC's

Business Grant Amount

Funds for Business Grants come from PLEDCO

Projects of $50,000 and under are eligible for a grant of 50% of the project.
Projects of $50,000 and over are eligible for a grant of 25% of the project

  • Grant will not exceed $25,000.00

  • Grant may be applied at beginning of loan. 

  • Grant may be used as equity

Marketing Grant-$2,000 per client –over and above the business grant

Business Support Grant-$2,500 per client–over and above the business grant Interest Amount- same as BRCFDC

Business support- a business package will be given to each client. BRCFDC is a mentor to this client